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Brake fluids for motorcycles

We don't need to tell you that good brakes are vital. Manufacturers bring cutting edge brake discs and braking systems, nowadays standard with ABS, on the market. Some people seem to miss the fact that the whole system only works through the grace of brake fluid.

Changing your brake fluid regularly is an important part of maintenance. Unfortunately, brake fluid attracts water. Because of that hygroscopic property, your brake lever can feel a little spongy after a certain amount of time. The boiling point drops as a result of that water and sensitive components such as brake cylinders start to rust. Only the DOT 5 brake fluid is more or less free of this phenomenon.

We advise you to change your motorcycle's brake fluid every two years. Check your manual to find what brake fluid to use or use the Eurol product finder.

In doubt whether your brake fluid needs replacing? A brake fluid tester allows you to quickly and easily check whether a change is required. Especially on a second-hand machine, or when the exact age of the brake fluid is unknown, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Tip: Brake fluid will really go to town on your paintwork. Before you start working with brake fluid, it is best to cover all painted parts. Also, we recommend you to immediately wash off any spilt liquid to prevent permanent damage to the paintwork.

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