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Batteries for motorcycle & scooter

Batteries have a certain starting capacity, and that capacity decreases as time goes on. Inevitably there will come a time when your battery will have a harder time starting your bike, and one day that day will come when it won't even start. The perfect time for a replacement is one day before that day!
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Every bike is different, so our product finder will help you find the right battery. Select your vehicle and you'll see a list of suitable batteries for that bike.

You can then decide what features are most important to you. Here are a few options:

  • Starting current (A): Expressed in Amps. The higher the starting current the more powerful the starter motor will spin.
  • First use: Information on what actions must be performed before the battery can be used.
  • Technology: This tells you whether the battery uses traditional lead-acid technology, AGM technology, Gel technology or Lithium-ion technology.
  • Weight: Total weight of the battery.
  • Note: Additional RAD information to make your choice easier.

When you purchase a new battery, you will always receive an extensive instruction manual on how to prepare it for use. Follow this to the letter, as more than half of battery problems are caused by poor start-up.

When you use your vehicle only occasionally, the use of a trickle charger is highly recommended. A trickle charger will help your battery stay in shape, guaranteeing it a longer life.

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