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Looking for a replacement battery for your bike and want the best value for money? Then a Nitro battery is your best choice.

During production the battery is filled with battery acid. The Silica inside the battery then forms a gel-like liquid. Thanks to the applied AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology you have a considerably longer life span and a high starting capacity. The cover in ABS (instead of PP) provides better shock resistance. You can start longer without problems with this Nitro.

Starting batteries are not universal. This battery is only suitable for these bikes. Our product finder is almost perfect. Before you prepare the battery for use, make sure it matches the battery you are replacing. Also make sure that it will fit in the vehicle.

This battery may be mounted horizontally.
Replacing a battery yourself is not difficult at all. The trick is to avoid short circuits.
When removing the battery, first disconnect the "-" terminal, then the "+" terminal. When assembling the battery, first connect the "+" terminal, then the "-" terminal.

Preparing the battery for use is relatively easy. Carefully follow the manual that comes with the battery. You can also find it here on this page. Remember that ANY battery should be charged with a battery charger before first use.

Riding during the winter months is not for everyone. In that case a trickle charger is essential. Lubricate the battery terminals with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

RAD offers a 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects of the battery. Faulty activation and/or poor maintenance are not included in the warranty. Please read our warranty conditions carefully.

CCA value: because of battery voltage, ambient temperature and type of measuring device, up to 30% different values may be measured.  

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Articles EAN MPN
NITRO-NTZ10S-SLA 5414837002826 NTZ10S SLA
NITRO-NTX9-SLA 5414837156468 NTX9 SLA
NITRO-NTX14-SLA 5414837156383 NTX14 SLA
NITRO-NTZ14S-SLA 5414837002840 NTZ14S SLA
NITRO-NTX12-SLA 5414837156352 NTX12 SLA
NITRO-51913-SLA 5414837002512 51913 SLA
NITRO-NT4L-SLA 5414837002628 NT4L SLA
NITRO-NT12B-4-SLA 5414837002727 NT12B-4 SLA
NITRO-NTX7L-SLA 5414837156437 NTX7L SLA
NITRO-NTZ7S-SLA 5414837002819 NTZ7S SLA
NITRO-NTX7A-SLA 5414837156420 NTX7A SLA
NITRO-NB9-B-SLA 5414837144861 NB9-B SLA
NITRO-NT12A-SLA 5414837156482 NT12A SLA
NITRO-NTZ12S-SLA 5414837002833 NTZ12S SLA
NITRO-NB14L-A2-SLA 5414837156505 NB14L-A2 SLA
NITRO-HVT-01-SLA 5414837136712 HVT 01 SLA
NITRO-HVT-03-SLA 5414837136750 HVT 03 SLA
NITRO-NB12AL-A2-SLA 5414837165415 NB12AL-A2 SLA
NITRO-NT9B-4-SLA 5414837002697 NT9B-4 SLA
NITRO-NT14B-4-SLA 5414837002758 NT14B-4 SLA
NITRO-NT5L-SLA 5414837002635 NT5L SLA
NITRO-NB10L-A2-SLA 5414837156055 NB10L-A2 SLA
NITRO-NTX16-SLA 5414837158073 NTX16 SLA
NITRO-NB12A-A-SLA 5414837165392 NB12A-A SLA
NITRO-NT7B-4-SLA 5414837002659 NT7B-4 SLA
NITRO-NTX14AH-SLA 5414837169208 NTX14AH SLA
NITRO-NB7-SLA 5414837169147 NB7 SLA
NITRO-NTZ8V-SLA 5414837157502 NTZ8V SLA
NITRO-NTX20L-SLA 5414837156406 NTX20L SLA
NITRO-NTX30L-SLA 5414837169284 NTX30L SLA
NITRO-NTR4A-SLA 5414837169086 NTR4A SLA
NITRO-HVT-02-SLA 5414837136736 HVT 02 SLA
NITRO-NTX24HL-SLA 5414837168560 NTX24HL SLA
NITRO-NB3L-SLA 5414837169109 NB3L SLA
NITRO-N50-N18L-A-SLA 5414837156338 N50-N18L-A SLA
NITRO-NB9L-SLA 5414837169161 NB9L SLA
NITRO-HVT-05-SLA 5414837136798 HVT 05 SLA
NITRO-HVT-04-SLA 5414837136774 HVT 04 SLA
NITRO-HVT-06-SLA 5414837136811 HVT 06 SLA
NITRO-NTZ5S-SLA 5414837164333 NTZ5S SLA
NITRO-NB14A-A2-SLA 5414837169185 NB14A-A2 SLA
NITRO-HVT-08-SLA 5414837136859 HVT 08 SLA
NITRO-NT4B-SLA 5414837169123 NT4B SLA
NITRO-NB16B-SLA 5414837169246 NB16B SLA
NITRO-HVT-07-SLA 5414837136835 HVT 07 SLA
NITRO-NTZ4V-SLA 5414837164326 NTZ4V SLA
NITRO-NTX14L-SLA 5414837169222 NTX14L SLA
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