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Mirror housing material

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Bar-end mirrors for motorcycles

Bar end mirrors, unlike traditional mirrors, are mounted on the end of the handlebars. They give your motorcycle a tougher look and their minimalistic style fits perfectly on choppers, café racers, retro bikes and naked bikes. When choosing bar-end mirrors, you should take into account their specific mounting method and the fact you have a choice of materials.

The mounting method

There are three ways to mount them, so you better take that into account when buying a set.

  • In the handlebar: the mirror is clamped inside the open end of the handlebar. All necessary mounting pieces are included.
  • By means ofthe weighted handlebar ends: unscrew the bolt holding the bar end weight in place, push it through a hole in the mirror assembly and fasten it back in place. You may have to replace the standard bolt with a longer one.
  • On the handlebar: the mirror is clamped on the handlebar or on an additional handlebar weight.


There are two available options: plastic or metal.

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