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Motocross helmet

Enduro and cross country enthusiasts choose these specific motorcycle helmets. The forward-mounted chin guard lets you take in extra air and breath, even during the intense physical exertion of motocross or endurance riding. The looks are also good, with the cross visor as the most typical element, with decent protection against dirt and sun.

A lot of ventilation, which also means dust and mud, but that's something fans of these helmets usually don't mind. To protect the eyes properly, you obviously use cross goggles, which can be worn perfectly thanks to the large opening at the front.
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Motorcycle helmet choices

Price and looks, these are two things that will determine your choice. Both are very personal, but there are a few other important considerations we'd like to go through before buying a helmet.

The fastening: traditionally many (sports) helmets are equipped with a Double-D ring. The safest option, although we admit it: putting on your gloves first and getting your helmet fastened afterwards is not easy. Micrometric fastenings are a lot easier to handle, but in theory are lower on the safety ladder (at high speeds).


To enjoy your motorbike helmet for a long time, some maintenance is needed. Here you can read how to do this in the best way.

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