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Children's motorcycle helmet

When a child gets on a motorcycle, it goes without saying that all safety aspects should be maximized. The choice of a good helmet is therefore important.

All children's motorcycle helmets here differ from the adult ones only in size.

It is important that you take a good fit into account. A motorcycle helmet that you lose in a fall is just as useless as not wearing a motorcycle helmet at all. So choose one in the right size!

Motorcycle helmet choices

Personal preferences play a role, but the most important choice when it comes to children's motorcycle helmets is the type. If you choose a full-face helmet you are obviously opting for maximum safety.

A jet helmet is also an option. They are usually easier to put on and a little less oppressive and claustrophobic for children, although you inevitably lose out on protection.


To enjoy your motorcycle helmet for a long time, some maintenance is required. Here you can read how to do this in the best way.

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