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MODEKA Children's motorbike jeans

Motorcycle jeans for children is a (relatively) new segment in motorcycle clothing, but one that is rapidly gaining in importance. Which makes sense; with all the safety elements you'll be safe on the road.

In clothing for kids who ride or travel with you, a pair of motorbike jeans is more convenient than changing trousers every time. Motorbike jeans are a trendy, modern item of clothing, and you can often hardly tell that they are actually well-disguised motorcycle pants.

And of course there are - in general - solutions that are even safer. And warmer. And more waterproof. The question is mainly under what circumstances do you take your son or daughter with you on your motorcycle and what are the alternatives. Just get on, and off for a short ride? "It won't be far."

It's still better not do that, we think. A pair of motorcycle jeans - even in children's versions - has protectors, or the ability to fit them. Also remember that 'jeans' is a misleading term here. The tear and wear resistant properties of the materials used are considerably better.


In principle, motorbike jeans can be washed like other items of clothing in your wardrobe. If you want to be on the safe side and enjoy your jeans for a long time, you might want to choose more specific maintenance products.

In any case, always read the manufacturer's guidelines.

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