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1-piece motor suit

With a one-piece motorcycle suit you choose for high performance. It's no coincidence that all competitive riders choose a one-piece suit.

For whom?

MotoGP, SBK and Supermoto riders. The one-piece is mandatory in sporting environments because it is designed for maximum safety and superior durability. With sliders on knees and shoulders, elbow and back protectors, a typical aerodynamic hump, it's hard to hide your sporting ambitions.


Leather always stretches with use. So count on your suit not being perfect the first time you put it on. It has to be tight, and consequently it's not suitable to wear many layers underneath. We recommend thermal underwear.

A leather combi is pre-shaped for extra comfort when sitting on the bike. Not for convenience when standing up or slouchon on the couch.

What if it rains?

Leather and rain, not the best combination. That doesn't mean you can't keep on riding in bad weather, with a specially designed raincoat.


Leather has specific properties and therefore requires certain maintenance products. Here you can find how to maintain leather motorcycle clothing to keep it performing at its best, but of course it is always advisable to read the manufacturer's guidelines.

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