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GIVI Trolley

However much we enjoy arriving at our destination, lugging our GIVI Monokey around while fully geared up, with helmet and gloves stuck under an arm, isn't our idea of a relaxed arrival. Good to know there is a solution that is much more enjoyable.

The GIVI trolley attaches quickly and easily between the GIVI Monokey case and mounting plate.

On arrival at your destination, click the trolley plate from your mounting plate and wheel it, case attached, inside. No more lugging. See? It is possible to arrive in style with a motorcycle.

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GIVI Trolley S410

Motorcycling and travelling always being a bit of an awkward balancing act with stuffed cases? Especially after standing still or on arrival, a large top case is not the most convenient piece of luggage to drag a long way or to get up some stairs.
No worries. This intermediate plate serves at...


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For this product group we need the model of your motorcycle

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