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Oil change and lubrication for motorcycles

Here you will find all the accessories needed for lubrication, or for oil changes. Jobs you can easily do yourself. The process of changing the oil and fitting a new oil filter requires a minimum of organisation. It only takes a number of steps, one of them not ending up with a big puddle of oil on the garage floor.

Specific tools - in the form of a cable lubricator, grease gun or oil drain pan - make everything a lot more manageable. As for the rest, generally a proper ratchet or oil filter wrench is sufficient.

The latter - and certainly the ones you use for recessed oil filters - come in different sizes. The correct size is mentioned in the description of each cap.

Don't like surprises?

If you look up your oil filter here, you will immediately see the correct cap size at the bottom of the page, if it is in our range. Otherwise the universal oil filter wrench may help you out.

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