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TRW Clutch parts for motorcycles

The clutch connects the engine to the gearbox. It is required to be able to drive off from a standstill or to change gears. A clutch works on the basis of friction, which immediately means that it is subject to wear.
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The more you ask of your clutch, the sooner it will need replacing. You can do that yourself without any problems. It goes without saying that if you feel uncomfortable doing this then you should call in a specialist, but remember that tinkering can still be fun and if you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty then you can find the right tools to do the job yourself below:

  • A socket wrench set is probably already in possession of anyone who considers replacing his/her clutch.
  • To loosen a stuck clutch cover without damage, a few taps with a rubber mallet are usually enough to change its mind.
  • An oil drain pan is needed to catch the runaway oil when disassembling the clutch cover.
  • For disassembly of the clutch housing or for blocking the flywheel, the flywheel tool is a handy tool.
  • Removing stubborn gasket residue, is a breeze with a gasket scraper.   
  • And finally, washing the hands with the Eurol hand cleaner before the test drive is inevitable.

Each product page additionally contains a manual which you can use as a guide. Our product finder allows you to easily navigate to the appropriate clutch for your motorcycle, based on the make, model, number of cc and year of manufacture. For a lot of motorcycles, three separate components are available: the friction plates, the steel intermediate discs and the clutch springs.

When replacing a worn clutch, it is recommended to replace all three. For common models, a kit is offered that includes all these components with - if necessary - also a new clutch housing seal. The total price of such a kit is more economical than the three components separately. In addition to the organic compound used as friction material on standard clutch discs, intelligent compositions with the addition of carbon (up to almost 100% carbon) exist in clutches suitable for racing applications.

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