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TRW Brake pads and brake shoes for motorcycles

Having fear of replacing brake pads yourself is understandable, but still unjustified. Of course, it is essential to do it precisely and correctly. Stopping forward motion safely, is one of the basic conditions for a pleasant ride.

It's all rather straightforward: disassemble the brake calliper, remove the locking pin and push back the brake pistons (possibly with the help of an caliper spreader). If you need a comprehensive and complete step-by-step plan, you can find a DIY manual in pdf format on every product page.

In general, TRW standard or organic brake pads are the perfect replacement for the original ones on your motorcycle. If you feel that the standard brakes do not provide enough braking power, you can opt for a quality upgrade (sinter pads). We rated each type of brake pad for performance. A higher number of stars indicate more braking power from that pad.

Attention: higher braking power (performance) goes hand in hand with a shorter life span. We also rated for life span for your comparing convenience. A third indicator for every brake pad is 'Road use'. A red square indicates that those brake pads are not approved for public road-use. That is not because of a lack of braking power, but because these brake pads are intended for the race track. They need to be hot before providing adequately braking, which make them unsuitable for public roads.

A set of brake pads always contains enough units for one caliper. We always indicate whether the set is suitable for the front or rear wheel and how many sets are needed per wheel.

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