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TRW Brake discs for motorcycles

Brake disks - and brake pads - slow down the motorcycle. Preferably only at your wish and in a controllable and powerful manner.

The basic principle? Your hand or foot brake causes the brake pads to be pushed against the brake discs, causing the disc to slow down and ultimately stop the disc. As the disc is firmly attached to the centre of the wheel, it also will slow down or stop simultaneously. Two components forcefully pressed together causes friction, a major cause of wear.

Brake pads tend to wear out more quickly, but steel brake discs also wear over time. It is quite possible that you will have to replace them at some point.

When to replace a brake disc?
The thickness of a brake disc is the decisive indicator. Manufacturers have a so-called 'tolerance limit' for each type of brake disc. When this limit has been reached, the disc needs to be replaced. The minimum thickness for your brake discs in order to properly function can be found in your motorcycle manual or on the brake disc itself.

You can generally recognize when the time has come to replace a brake disc, though it is best to do this before it is noticeable during braking. You don't want to find out during an emergency stop. Run two fingers along the sides of a cold brake disc. When you feel that the surface of the disc has formed one or more rims it is best to replace it.

All brake discs offered here are standard replacements with equal or higher quality than the original brake discs. The product finder will help you find the proper disc for your specific motorcycle.

Replacing the brake discs yourself isn't too hard. If you observe the following principles, you will soon be safely on your way again.

- When you replace the brake discs on your bike, always replace your brake pads as well.

- Brake discs are coated with an anti-corrosion agent after production, generally a form of oil or grease. Before installing the disc, you must remove this film thoroughly with a brake cleaner!

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For this product group we need the model of your motorcycle

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