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CHAMPION Air filters for motorcycles

An air filter protects the engine against dirt and dust particles, which would otherwise pass through the engine block with the air drawn in. In order to perform optimally, a motorbike needs a balanced mixture of air and petrol. If there is a shortage of one of them, it will have consequences. Less air means more petrol and you will notice this in the consumption.
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To give you an indication: a motorcycle with a cylinder capacity of 600 cc pulls through five cubic meters of air at 8000 rpm. Every minute. And all that air passes through the air filter, which filters out sand, dirt and dust. No small task at all. The type of pollution can also take on a surprisingly range of forms: leaves, small pebbles, etc. Having those rushing through your engine is obviously detrimental to valves, pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls.

The filtering properties of each air filter offered here are identical to those of the original air filter. Our product finder guarantees that you will receive a perfectly matching filter.

Your engine's instruction manual will indicate when the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. The best thing you can do is follow this recommendation to the letter, otherwise the performance of your engine will noticeably deteriorate.

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For this product group we need the model of your motorcycle
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