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GIVI Sump guards for motorcycles

Whether you regularly turn into gravel roads or just like a little extra adventurous look, you can't go wrong with a good sump guard.

A sump guard protects the underside of the engine against stone chips, grit and everything else that is thrown up by your front wheel. All that stuff is directed straight at the place where your oil cooler is situated, with the oil filter close by. This is what we call the 'soft underbelly', the vulnerable area of your steel horse.

Protecting vulnerable engine parts is not a luxury, and prevention is better than cure. A leak in the oil cooler or oil filter leaves a visible mark, but - more importantly - means your engine will run out of oil in no time, causing real problems.

Off-road ambitions? Adventurous spirit? Just for peace of mind? Consider a sump guard for your ride.

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