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GIVI Spotlight protection for motorcycles

You were so happy with those great new spotlights and then they are hit by a rock or branch. You can almost see it happen. But not with those busted spotlights, you can't.

These spotlights - while sturdy - are usually a little less bulky than a headlamp, and they're in a relatively accessible place on the motorcycle: positioned low and just behind the front wheel. That makes them vulnerable.

A big clod of dirt, a rock or branch, basically anything you encounter on your way seems to aim straight for your spotlight. To prevent damage to the lens and housing, you can opt for a set of protectors.

Not only do they effectively prevent damage, those who ride adventure bikes - complete with spotlights - on the road may want to exude that adventurous look figuratively as well. These spotlight protectors will help you do just that.

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For this product group we need the model of your motorcycle

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