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HELD Protective covers for motorcycles

Motorcycles are often left out in the open, in all kinds of weather. A good protective cover saves it from some of the nasty side-effects, but finding the perfect cover for your specific machine is not easy.

The choices below are a step in the right direction.

Select your type of vehicle first. Motorcycles, motor scooters and quads do not have the same basic shape. Secondly, the purpose of the cover plays a role. Does it only serve to protect from dust indoors during winter storage, or will the motorcycle be outside and you need to keep dust, rain and sunlight away?

If you choose an outdoor cover, you should take two additional criteria into account:

  • The UV-resistance of the material the cover is made of. UV-resistant fabric will not discoulor or become brittle from prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • If your motorcycle is on a public road, it is a legal requirement that your number plate remains visible.

RAD tip

Let your bike's engine and exhaust cool down after riding before applying the cover. Not all covers are suited to withstand high temperatures and can become a burning hazard.
Covering up a soaking wet bike after a rain ride is not a good idea either. The waterproof cover will also hold the water inside, keeping your bike wet.

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