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Led indicators for motorcycles

You want to give your bike a personal touch? Are you looking for the right indicators for a custom build? Dot the original indicators simply need replacement?

No problem, here you will find a wide range of LED lights, specifically for indicators, in a number of lens colours.
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Plenty of benefits

Compact: LED lights are smaller than incandescent bulbs, which is a good thing on a motorcycle. Designers enjoy that kind of freedom to create more beautiful lighting ornaments.

More intense light: LED lights give off a brighter and more intense light, making you stand out more in traffic.

Efficient: LED lights are more efficient than the incandescent lamp. The latter looses a lot of energy in the form of heat when it's on. Put your hand on an incandescent lamp that has been burning for a while and you will immediately feel what we mean. An LED, on the other hand, is almost cool to the touch, as it develops considerably less heat. Efficiency in figures: an incandescent lamp produces approximately 15 lumens per watt, whereas a LED lamp can produce more than 250 lumens per watt.

Lifespan: Whereas filament lamps last approximately 1.000 burning hours, LED lamps last for 25.000 to even 100.000 hours.

Four-nil in favour of LED lighting.

Caution: If you replace conventional light bulbs by LEDs, the blinking rate may change. Led lights have a different resistance (ohm) than regular blinkers. You can solve this by installing resistors or a control relay module.

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