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Indicator relay for motorcycles

When you replace your motorcycle's original indicators with smaller or LED indicators, there is a real chance that the flashing frequency of the new indicators will be different from the original.

This is because the motorcycle is equipped with a mechanical indicator relay, and the power (watts) of the new indicators is not equal to the power of the original indicators.

There are two solutions to lower an overly fast flashing frequency.

1) Installing additional resistors

Please note that resistors must always be connected in parallel. You can mount resistors anywhere, but keep in mind that they can get very hot, up to about 100°C (with long use of the hazard lights)! So never cover them up completely, and keep them away from plastic parts. It is recommended to place them on an aluminium heat sink and give it a place in the wind e.g. near the control unit.

2) Installing an electronic relay

An electronic relay automatically controls the flashing frequency.

Please note that replacing the original relay with an electronic one is not possible if the original relay is integrated into the electronic unit of the motorcycle. In such a case you have to work with additional resistors.

  • Universal indicator relays, where some wires still need to be connected.
  • Brand specific indicators relays, which simply fits the standard connection of the motorcycle.

Did you know that indicators are supposed to flash between 60 and 90 times per minute? Well, now you do.

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