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OXFORD Heated grips for motorcycles

This is just about the most enjoyable option you can have on a motorcycle. Something you can never do without, once you discover how wonderful it is.

However: very few motorcycle brands offer heated grips as standard and remarkably few second-hand bikes are equipped with them. Which makes sense, because if you have heated handgrips, you don't want to get rid of the bike.

All joking aside: don't expect miracles. Heated grips are pleasant, they definitely have their use and it make riding in cold weather more comfortable, but the back of your hand is still exposed to the cold and wind. Besides, a lot depends on the type of glove that you're wearing too.

We've racked up countless winter miles on all sorts of bikes at RAD, and the ideal solution is - as so often - a combination of hand guards/protectors, heated gloves or handlebar sleeves, and a decent set of heated grips. It all depends on what suits you best, and what you think is most practical.
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Heated Grip Sizes and Diameters

When choosing a set of heated grips, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Use the filter options on the left of this page:

  • Vehicle type: on a quad, you operate a fixed throttle with your thumb. A motorcyclist literally twists the throttle open. Two different systems, and that affects the diameter of the grips in relation to each other. Motorcycles generally use a larger inner diameter for the right grip, on quads the left and right grips are identical.
  • Handlebar outer diameter: European and Asian motorcycles use 22 mm as standard handlebar diameter. For American models it may be slightly larger, because they use the inch (25,4 mm) as standard. To measure is to know!
  • Handlebar end: handlebar weights, bar-end mirrors or hand protectors usually require open-ended grips.
  • Controls: twist or press, it's a personal choice.
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