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Handle covers for motorcycles

Many of you may remember the television show 'Pimp my ride', in which cars were modified beyond recognition by a small army of handymen.

All products in this category can be used over the current grips. Not much work to it. If you want to give your levers that same 'grip' feeling as your handlebar grips, then lever covers are the solution.

With a pair of grip covers you can quickly and easily give your bike an eye-catching look. The leather also provides a different feel. It takes a certain type of bike and personal taste, but on a chopper or custom it's pretty much indispensable.

If you want to enhance that comfortable feeling, slide a set of Grip Puppies over your existing grips. They are made of a soft, comfortable and non-slip material. They reduce engine vibrations and significantly increase riding comfort, thanks to their larger diameter.

There are also covers to keep your grips clean. When you need to move your bike in the workshop, you will immediately know when these covers come in handy.

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