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TOMTOM GPS navigation for motorcycles

Our expectations of a good motorcycle GPS are - in essence - very basic: it needs to stay put and show us the way under all circumstances.

You might think a good map provides the same level of usefulness. In a pinch it might, but the motorcycle GPS navigation sets you'll find on these pages offer a lot more uses.
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Some like to plan their route in advance and want to visit all the beautiful back roads, sights and stops. Some pluck a route from the internet and start the ride without too much extra effort. With a navigation device you don't have to stop and study your folded map at every intersection.

But also, anyone who wants to get to their destination quickly and without detours, via the motorway or the shortest connection. Think of commuters, motorcyclists with a specific aim or professional travellers.

Motorcycle navigation for motorcycles require a specific type of mount. They are often mounted to round handlebars with a diameter of 22 or 25.4 mm (1 inch). However, some handlebars aren't suitable for this purpose, and some people like to have their navigation on a different, often higher location. They will find a suitable solution here.

For long rides you want to be able to charge your motorcycle GPS via the motorcycle battery. You can hear the directions through the intercom, and a bluetooth connection takes care of those pesky cables. There are also many high quality solutions for that.

We bet you won't be travelling with a map anymore after using one of these.

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