CHAFT Exhaust wrap for motorcycles

Heat-resistant exhaust wrap looks cool and seems mandatory for cafe racers, bobbers and choppers. Actually, we think any bike could get away with it, but tastes differ.

Exhaust wrap can be applied without much fuss and without an underlay. It serves as a layer of protection on heat sensitive parts, and reduces heat radiation, but it also benefits - to a limited extent - the power of your bike.

How does that work?

The exhaust wrap insulates the exhaust, keeping the exhaust fumes warm for a bit longer, so they leave the exhaust system faster.

RAD tips

  • Make sure you have enough exhaust wrap! A 15-metre roll seems sufficient, but when you have a bike sporting four exhausts you might need quite bit more.
  • Make the exhaust wrap wet beforehand, without flooding it! Just let the water soak in by holding it under the tap for a while, that's enough.
  • For optimal insulation and finishing, wrap it neatly and tightly around the tubes. Make sure to keep at least a 0,6 cm overlap on every winding.
  • If the black colour of the wrap fades over time due to exposure to the weather, you can give it a new lease of life by giving it a lick of heat-resistant paint.
  • After application, run the engine for a while to heat up the exhaust and fixate the fabric in place.
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