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GIVI Chain guard / Mudguard for motorcycles

The primary function of chain guards and mudguards is to protect you and your bike from lubricants, dirt and spray from the road. Do they have to? No, some types of bike are designed to splash mud to maximum effect. Although it can be interesting to learn how you can still get somewhere in a presentable fashion, if necessary.

Chain protection

The chain-sprocket drive is still the most common way to get a motorcycle moving. It requires some maintenance and the combination of the necessary lubrication with water, dirt and dust does have some side-effects.

In general, a standard chain guard is not the most high-tech part of your bike and the design department doesn't spend too much time on it. So if you can replace the existing chain guard with an extended one, which also protects the swingarm, you could see that as added value.


The rear side of the motorcycle can be a splashing water hazard. Long suspension travel, a short or missing mudguard; motorcycle are not equipped like cars, when it comes to protection from the elements.

Once you have been surprised by heavy downpour, you know what we mean. Water, mud and street grime can be scraped off your pillion seat, your back and even your helmet afterwards, if your bike isn't equipped with one of the available stylish solutions. One of those is the so-called 'hugger', a mudguard that seemingly floats just above the rear wheel.

GIVI developed two different models for a selection of motorcycles, which you can attach yourself relatively quickly with the assembly kit.

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Use the product finder on this page to find out if your bike can be fitted with a chain guard or rear mudguard. The model you end up with this way, will absolutely fit on your motorcycle.

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For this product group we need the model of your motorcycle

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