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Airhawk comfort cushions for motorcycles

Airhawk seat cushions increase seating comfort and make the last kilometre feel as comfortable as the first. Using various filter options (here at your left ), you will quickly find the perfect Airhawk seat cushion for your motorcycle. To find your perfect match, first select a cushion that largely matches the type of saddle of your motorcycle.
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How to choose an appropriate Airhawk cushion for your motorcycle?
First of all: AIRHAWK® seat cushions are air-filled comfort seating systems that will approximately double your potential riding time, without feeling cramped and hurting in the saddle. Soft, flexible, interconnected air cells distribute your weight evenly across the cushion and conform to your shape. The breathable cover allows air to flow through the cushion, keeping you cool and dry as well.

So how do you choose the right pillow?
It is important to remember not to cover the entire saddle but only the place where you sit.

  • First, measure the widest part of the saddle, close to where your tailbone would rest.
  • Then measure the length of the seat from the farthest back of your seat, to where the seat narrows for your legs.
  • The part where you don't sit doesn't matter.

Find the AIRHAWK® model that fits closest to these measurements.

Howto properly install and inflate?
The cushion, straps, and cover come standard in every box, regardless of size.
Before installation, open the cover and find the valve. Turn the valve counterclockwise to open it and blow into it until all air cells are filled. Turn the valve clockwise to close. Now place the chamois on your saddle, where you want it.

Cross the straps under the saddle, or just straight, depending on what works best for your bike. Adjust the length of the straps if necessary.

Now that your AIRHAWK® cushion is installed, you need to find the right air volume.

Sit on the saddle in normal riding position, with your feet on the footpegs. This works best when on the centre stand, of course!
Open the valve while seated and let air escape until you sink into the cushion.

Ignore the tendency to over inflate the cushion. It is designed to work with a minimal amount of air. Less really is more, in this case.

Lean your body from side to side. You should feel a slight air displacement underneath you. If you feel yourself touching the original saddle, the cushion needs some more air. If you feel like you're sitting 'wobbly' instead of firmly planted, or you have to start adjusting mirrors, then it is probably too full of air. When you are done adjusting the cushion, it will be about 1/4 to 1/3 full.

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