GLOBAL VISION Sunglasses for motorcycles

There are sunglasses for runners, cyclists, mountaineers, sailors and beach bums. And there are sunglasses for motorcyclists.

What is a motorcyclist exposed to while riding? Wind, insects and stones are the first things that come to mind, and they're all bad for your eyes. Especially when you're riding with sunglasses that aren't quite up to the task of withstanding impact.

Sunglasses for motorcyclists are equipped with safety lenses that will not break if they are hit by a stone. They fit snugly on your face to keep the wind from your (already watery) eyes.
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Through yellow-colored glasses ...

A considerable number of motorcycle goggles have yellow lenses. You don't even have to have poor vision at night to be bothered by backlighting, advertising, wet road surfaces ... Yellow goggles take the edge off. Driving becomes a lot calmer, safer and more relaxed straight away. Yellow lenses are also comfortable during heavy rain, snow or fog. The yellow lenses make blurred contours - and road markings! - become much sharper.

Motorcycling without eye protection is not recommended anyway. Whether it is a visor, sun visor or sunglasses, it is there for a reason. An accidental mayfly could be enough to cut your motorcycle ride short.

Also, always keep in mind that your eyes (and you only have two) are not only very fragile, but essential to a safe motorcycle ride. Now and in the future.

In addition to sunglasses that are worn underneath your helmet, you can also find a range of helmet goggles that are placed above the helmet.

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