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SHOEI Shoei vizors

Below we have listed all the Shoe helmets with their corresponding vizor information. By using the helmet type you will automatically be redirected to the correct vizor. The original vizor on your Shoei helmet can also be used to find the vizor type by simply looking for the letter/number combination at the fastening point. In the example, this is a CWR-1 vizor.

Shoei model Vizor type Pinlock Tear-Off films Sun Vizor
Raid, Z-One, Syncrotec II, XR-800, Interceptor, XV-R, X-Ceed (II) CX-1 - - -
XR-1000, X-Spirit I, Raid II, Multitec CX-1V - - -
XR-1100, X-Spirit II, Qwest CW-1 click here - -
XR-1100, X-Spirit II, Qwest(Tear-Off) CWF-1 - click here -
NXR, X-Spirit III, RYD CWR-1 click here - -
NXR, X-Spirit III, RYD(Tear-Off) CWR-F Click here click here -
Neotec, GT-Air CNS-1 click here - click here
Neotec II CNS-3 click here - click here
J-Cruise CJ-2 click here - click here
Hornet DS C-49 click here - -
J-Wing, J-Force, J-Gear CJ-1 - - -
J.O, EX-ZERO CJ-3 - - -
Hornet ADV CNS-2 click here - -
GT-Air II CNS-1 click here - click here
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