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Schuberth parts

You have a Schuberth and are happy with it. You have driven through Europe with it, placed it in the panniers and once almost lost it at a campsite. It has an intercom and sits perfectly on your head. And then a piece breaks off.

Schuberth offers a range of spare parts which will allow you to restore your helmet to its original condition. No helmet shells. If those break, we really have to advise you to consider a new helmet.

By the part names you can tell which helmets the displayed parts are specifically suited for.

The Schuberth visors are bundled in a separate product group.

Tip from the RAD-house

A helmet is designed and made to provide 100% protection once. One time. Make sure that one time is not in your garage or at the kitchen table, and put your helmet securely on a helmet donut when you are working on it.

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