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Anti-fog spray for motorbike helmet vizor

Fog in your head can happen sometimes. A good motorcycle ride can help that, but then you should not create extra fog in your helmet. Nothing is as annoying as a foggy vizor. Without even discussing the safety issues when this happens.

There are many solutions, passed on by generations of motorcyclists, but they cannot convince us. The two options below can.

  • Universal anti-fog product (for all vizors)
  • Regeneration product for Shark vizors (works only to restore Shark's anti-fog coating)

Tip from the RAD-house

A helmet donut makes working on your helmet much easier and a lot safer. Paper scratches. Just like sponges, brushes, any rough material, rags ... Always use a lint-free dry cloth or microfiber cloth on your vizor. Never rub it dry with a paper handkerchief.

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