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Women's summer motorcycle pants

In southern countries you often see shorts and bare arms when riding on a motorcycle. First of all, this is not allowed everywhere and secondly, after a day of unnoticed sunbathing you might feel in trouble. And then - thirdly - what is anything goes wrong?

But that doesn't mean you have to break a sweat. Summer pants (and by extension jackets) are generally budget-friendly and always an interesting investment in comfort and safety.


You can quite literally see through them, but they meet a whole series of basic criteria that make them safe. The mesh you can see through is surprisingly durable and tear-resistant, and with CE-approved protectors on the knees and a dash of reflection here and there, you can hit the road safely.

In a pair of motorcycle pants. Without feeling like you're wearing pants.


Okay, in winter you leave them in your closet, but summer pants are quite functional. There are models that come with a wind- and waterproof membrane, which is very welcome on chilly mornings and rapidly cooling evenings.
In all other cases we recommend a good pair of rain pants.


The outer fabric and the membranes of motorcycle clothing are more demanding than, say, a T-shirt or a pair of socks. Everything is possible, but specific maintenance products for motorcycle clothing are really no marketing trick. General detergents can damage the properties of membranes and outer fabrics, so always look carefully at the information for maintenance of motorcycle clothing.

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