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Safety vest for the motorbike

Prevention is always better than cure and no matter how good your protective motorcycle clothing, if you slalom invisibly through traffic, sooner or later you run the risk of something going wrong.

Especially commuters and all-season riders have everything to gain from being as visible as possible. Motorcycle clothing is standard equipped with a number of reflective details, but who wants to play it safe can choose from a wide range of safety vests nowadays.

These are specifically designed with the safety of the motorcyclist in mind. Unlike traditional jackets, the jackets for motorcyclists have vertical reflective strips and/or reflective material on the shoulders. This makes the motorcyclist more visible, even when he is behind a fairing or top box. All safety vests from our range are equipped with a zipper to prevent them from being blown open by the wind. So, no fluttering.

Please note: as of 2016, it is mandatory for motorcyclists in France and elsewhere to wear a safety vest. You must wear the vest at a standstill on public roads (engine failure, crash, etc). Not carrying a safety vest is penalised.

Sizing recommendation: safety vests are designed to be worn over a motorcycle jacket. So please order a vest the same size as your jacket!

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