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REV’IT! Kriega Hydrabag 3,75 L

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The Kriega Hydrabag is logically made available to REV'IT! by Kriega and fits into the four top motorcycle backpacks they developed together.

We're talking about the adventurous Arid H2O 9L and the Barren H2O 18L, or the slightly more modest Load H2O 22L and the Stack H2O 15L. Four classics which are absolutely worth the effort, and which you're more than happy to provide with a decent accessory like this Hydrabag. The collaboration between REV'IT and Kriega resulted in four motorcycle backpacks with such an eye for detail and comfort that it would be a shame to just 'throw in a plastic camelbag'. Hence: the Kriega Hydrabag.

This is the navy seal of the camelbags. Heavy-duty material, with an insulated drinking tube, suitable for every (motor)backpack which carries the Kriega logo and usable in every circumstance. Very practical, with a wide opening that does not leak after closing and a patented Surge™ Bite Valve - the drinking spout - that actually has an on/off function.

The Kriega Hydrag-bag is completely reversible, which makes cleaning, washing and drying all the more convenient.

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Technical specifications

Product identifiers
EAN 8700001325523
MPN FAR078-7010-ONE S

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Art.nr. FAR078-7010-ONES

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