ALPINESTARS Hurricane Pants Black

Black (€ 59,95)Fluorescent Yellow-Black (€ 59,95)
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The Hurricane is available as a one-piece rain suit, as well as in a double version. In that case you have of course a raincoat and matching pants at your disposal.

None of the three is a heavyweight. You only want to find rainwear on the bike fast, when it's actually raining. At all other times, it should be stowed away inconspicuously and very discreetly.

The Hurricane rain pants consist, just like its namesake, of waterproof nylon, treated not to stick to other clothes (where you usually put it on top of) and they are to a large extent colorfast. All seams are glued, and although you might suspect that this technique will bring moisture on the inside (sweat!), a light mesh lining provides the necessary comfort and sufficient air circulation.

Reflective details are no superfluous luxury: rainwear is often used when conditions are less favorable. The waist is elastic, just like the ends of the pant legs. This way you create a water resistant buffer. A zipper at the bottom makes it easier to get into the pants, and allows you to connect them to your motorcycle boots.

For rain trousers, it's the same as for umbrellas: if you have them with you, it won't rain. That's why it's very interesting that you can store this Hurricane in a compact way in a specially designed and supplied storage bag.

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Technical specifications

Material PU coated nylon
Reflective yes
Lining yes, not removable
Type of lining polyester mesh lining
Extra functions
Outside pocket(s) none, no, aucun
Easy on and off side zipper to below the knee
Ankle fit elastic, elastic cord, élastique

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Size Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS AS3224617/10-XS
S AS3224617/10-S
M AS3224617/10-M
L AS3224617/10-L
XL AS3224617/10-XL
2XL AS3224617/10-2XL
3XL AS3224617/10-3XL

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