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If things go wrong - and we don't wish that on anyone - it can be interesting to have a number of essential items on hand. Not half a home pharmacy, but a judiciously compiled first aid kit that is stored dust-free and watertight.

With a pair of scissors with a rounded tip, a rescue blanket (remember: open once!), disposable gloves, a bandage for burns, a roll of plasters, about eight plasters and a couple of bandage packs, you can deal with a cut or burn wound initially. The first aid instructions are also in the first aid kit, which as a unit measures about 14 by 15 centimeters and can usually be placed under most saddles.

The whole is packed in a handy, red storage bag with welded seams, made of PVC coating (100% Tarpaulin) and provided with a roll lock system, so you can be sure that you will find everything dust-free and waterproof.

The Held-kit meets the requirements to carry the DIN 13167 label.
Those who only want an empty, dry and well-sealed package and prefer to choose the contents themselves can find an empty first aid bag here.


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