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Cooling motorcycle underwear

Extreme circumstances require extreme solutions. Although, a cooling jacket can even be practical in use and provides a wind chill of about 15°.

When a summer thermo shirt is not enough, or you just want to keep riding comfortably, the cooling jacket is a superlative in terms of body temperature regulation.

You wear the cooling jacket under your motorcycle jacket, but over a T-shirt. Not directly onto your skin, however tempting that may seem.
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How does it work?

A cooling jacket cools your body by evaporating water. The heat is extracted from your body by the water in the cooling vest, this water then evaporates and so your body can maintain its temperature. Okay, this might be slightly oversimplified, but in general it does come down to this.

The result is a cool body, without having to drain litres of sweat first (the 'normal' reaction of a body that needs to cool down).

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