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Saddlebags and panniers for motorcycles

Saddle bags and pack carrier bags are the ideal solution for those who usually have little need for a fixed luggage solution during the year.

But if you do want to take a weekend off, or even a couple of weeks in summer, these bags are the perfect way to pack up and go. And they're a godsend for bikes that can't accommodate panniers.

What are they?

Simply, you attach one or two panniers to the saddle (passenger's seat) or to the rack, using straps. This type of luggage comes in a wide variety of styles, for chopper, custom, touring or sports bikes. They also have different shapes and sizes. Personal taste, requirements, practicality or desired volume, you decide for yourself. Knowing that certain models can store up to 90 litres of luggage makes it clear that there are few limits.

Almost all saddlebags and panniers are waterproof.

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