BGS TECHNIC Liquid gasket for motorcycles

Gaskets are used to seal openings, by placing them between the surfaces of two parts that are to be joined. This prevents leakage of liquids or gas. One example? The gasket between a cylinder and a cylinder head.

A gasket fills the surface irregularities to ensure a good seal. Sometimes it is possible to work without a gasket, by polishing the adjoining surfaces to perfection, but the costs of obtaining such a smooth finish are higher than those of a simple gasket.

Liquid gasket is a thick liquid that leaves a very tough residue after evaporation of the volatile components, ensuring a good seal. A liquid gasket can be used with or without a thin paper layer.

When applying a gasket, it is important that you first carefully remove old gasket residue and thoroughly clean the surfaces before applying the new gasket. Use a gasket remover and a gasket scraper.

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