MOTIP Carburettor cleaner for motorcycles

Petrol has an expiry date.

Did you know that?
Yes, it does.

Usually you will have used it long before it could expire, but it is true that modern petrol doesn't have an unlimited shelf life. Leave it in your tank for a few months and the problems start.

A few months isn't very long, if you store your bike during the winter period. After some time, on average about ninety days, the 'expired' fuel has drawn enough water in the system to start corrosion of certain parts. It will also start to form a gum residue on fuel lines, seals, diaphragms and choke bellows.

Old petrol residue also affects the valves, preventing them from closing properly, or even getting them stuck. If you wait long enough, the gummy residue will prevent the bike from running.

This process ultimately results in a complete blockage of the petrol supply and the carburettor, which are difficult to clean.

Prevent contamination of your carburettor and the rest of your fuel system by regularly adding an additive to the fuel. Be especially sure to do this at the last fill-up before winter storage.

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