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BGS TECHNIC Allen and Torx keys for motorcycles

Allen wrenches are hexagonal in shape. Torx wrenches are star-shaped with six corners.
A slight confusion is understandable.

Allen wrenches exist in various sizes and are often L-shaped. There are also ball end models on the market, which allows tightening or loosening at an angle of up to 30°. Allen keys are also available in inch sizes.

Torx keys are star-shaped, enabling a better transfer of power. This reduces the chance of the key slipping out of the screw head. Assembly becomes easier and because Torx screws have a larger contact surface they can be tightened more tightly. Unscrewing them is also a lot easier.

Certain wrenches are equipped with a handle, giving a good grip for good control, allowing hard or very gentle tightening of bolts and screws.

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