Motorcycle kidney belts

Kidney belts belong to the category of less visible motorcycle clothing, but they are very useful and functional.

A kidney belt supports the lower back and ensures that you don't adopt a slumped sitting position. This makes them suitable for both people with back problems and people who do not want back problems. So, everyone.

Off-road riders and cross racers have long been convinced and use the kidney belt as a back support or extension of a body or back protector. A tightly drawn kidney belt also protects the kidneys of the recreational motorcyclist who ventures on bumpy roads. Additionally, your lower back stays nice and warm.

In short: a kidney belt provides a higher level of comfort while motorcycling and is ideal for long rides. Because more comfort automatically results in more safety. If you are comfortable on your motorcycle, you can be focused on traffic 100%.

Size matters

Kidney belts come in all shapes, sizes and types, for both pillion riders and riders. Once you know what type of kidney belt you need, it's very important to choose the right size. Not too small and not too big, to say the least. Anyway: 20 cm of left-over fabric is clearly not the right size. Correct is better!

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