Balaclava and motorbike scarf

A scarf is always useful on a motorcycle. The temperatures you feel when you are standing still are nothing compared to what you experience when you open the throttle. Moreover, your body and head can be sufficiently protected and kept warm, while your neck often remains exposed and vulnerable.
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A balaclava is a healthy and pleasant solution to keep your helmet clean for longer. Sweat doesn't end up in the interior and every motorcyclist knows that hair and helmets aren't the most ideal combo.

In addition, a good balaclava offers a number of other advantages, depending on the circumstances:

  • In cold circumstances they offer warmth and give less free rein to the wind.
  • They often have a wind-stopping layer, possibly with an extension to the chest.
  • When it gets hot, there are some specifically designed to drain sweat (Coolmax).
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