BOOSTER Angled valves 11.3 mm Black

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These 90° angle valves offer a solution to the often difficult to reach standard straight valves. Motorcycle and scooter wheels often have a particular construction or little space and not every compressor tyre air gun head will easily fit the available space. You don't want to take any risks with your tyre pressure, but you can do without the hassle of squeezing the air nozzle in a cramped space.

These valves are sold per set of two and are made of high quality aluminium. The valves are only suitable for tubeless tyres. They are mounted in the rim via a bolt/nut system which prevents bending or sudden release from the rim. The shaft is in one piece, so there is no risk of cracking.

Inflating the tyres is often a lot easier with these angled valves. In addition, the design and the availability of different colours ensure a personalised and unique look. In order to mount the valves the tire has to be removed. Don't worry, this is only once. You'll change tyres a lot more than valves. The diameter of the rim well is 11.3 mm, which is a relatively standard size for motorcycles. To be sure that these angled valves will fit your motorcycle rims, it is best to remove the standard valve first and measure the opening.

Different colours available.

Mounting tip: Turn the nut tight by hand alone and use thread locking compound.

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